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Just Like Sugar® Contains Four All Pure Ingredients

orange-peel Orange Peel Zest
The sweetening effect of Just Like Sugar comes entirely from colorful skin, or zest, of the peel of the orange.

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chicroy-rrotChicory Root Dietary Fiber
A key health ingredient of Just Like Sugar is chicory (inulin) root dietary fiber which is recognized as a pre-biotic and pro-biotic food. Chicory inulin is shown to be a “non-digestible oligosaccharide”, that is, a carbohydrate that cannot be digested, and therefore, has no measurable glycemic effect in the system.

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calcuimNatural Calcium
The third ingredient in Just Like Sugar is natural calcium, a vital nutrient for the body.

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vit-cVitamin C
The fourth ingredient in Just Like Sugar is vitamin c (L-ascorbic acid) from organic orange juice. The health benefits of an adequate intake of Vitamin C are widely recognized.

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