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Just Like Sugar, UK. Is proud to introduce our sweet taste sensation “Just like Sugar®”, This is a totally unique Sweetener that will soon be available for sale in a number of stores towards the end of 2015.

Just Like Sugar® is a sweetener made from only the purest of ingredients. Just Like Sugar® mimics the attributes of regular cane or beet sugar in every way without any of the negatives of chemical based sweeteners on the market today.

Just Like Sugar® was created in conjunction with doctors and health workers who were concerned about the harmful effects of some artificial sweeteners that we see every day in supermarkets and many other places where sugar is used to sweeten our drinks and even foods.

Unlike other sweetener products in the market today, which have a characteristic intense sweet and bitter licorice after taste, Just Like Sugar® has a proprietary formulation which tastes clean, smooth and sweet. It does not leave an after taste and is popular in many countries around the world and now it’s available in the United Kingdom and many European countries.

One part of our ingredient is obtained from Chicory Root when large molecules are split into smaller molecules by hydrolysis (reaction with water) due to the action of acids or enzymes. The same process occurs Non-Artificially when bread is toasted and some of the molecules are broken down due to the action of heat and moisture. Our proprietary process uses water only without the use of heat.

Important Facts

Just Like Sugar®, is made in granular form for easy measuring and pouring and tastes just as sweet as regular sugar without the harmful side effects that cane sugar can cause. There is NO MSG in our product.

Just Like Sugar® granular composition is as sweet as regular sugar cane and will dissolve instantly in any type of drinks, hot or cold. Just Like Sugar® tastes great in all of your cooking, baking and, foods recipes that you sprinkle sugar on such as cereal, fruits, shakes, etc.